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How Can MSFCA Help?

Dear MSFCA Members and Supporters,

We have had several inquiries from groups and individuals who want to help Montana Firefighters and those affected by the fires burning in Montana. It has also been brought to our attention that many volunteer fire department’s budget and resources have been stretched to the limit.

Please let us know if you need help! Do you need funds, resources, or both? Send an email to Mikel Robinson with your department needs.

We will compile these needs and do our very best to direct donations to those with the most urgent needs.

We will need to prioritize the giving, so please be very specific with your department needs. It is MSFCA’s intention to ensure funds are directed to those who truly need help

We know this has been a long and difficult season, continue to be safe out there and let us know how we can help

Our best,

MSFCA Board of Directors