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MT Fire Service Award Nominations Now Open

MSFCA Fire Service AwardsMontana State Fire Chiefs Association is pleased to announce that nominations for the 2021 Fire Service Awards is now open. The deadline for nominations is September 20

Awards will be presented at the MT State Chiefs Convention in Missoula, October 14-16, 2021

MEDAL OF HONOR: The Medal of Honor may be awarded to an individual who, intelligently and in the line of duty, gives his/her life, or distinguishes him/herself by an act of extreme courage involving the risk of imminent danger to his/her life, with knowledge of such risk, above and beyond the call of duty. The aforementioned act must have been performed for the purpose of saving or protecting human life. 

MEDAL OF VALOR: The Medal of Valor may be awarded to an individual who, intelligently and in the line of duty, distinguishes him/herself in the performance of an act of courage involving risk of imminent serious physical injury, with knowledge of such risk, for the purpose of saving or protecting human life. Or, in the course of an extended investigation of a nature where he/she is continuously and singly exposed to grave personal hazard, willingly accepts such risk. 

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: The Award of Excellence may be presented to any individual who performs one or more of the following:  

  • An act of intelligence and valuable service, demonstrating special faithfulness or perseverance.
  • Highly credible acts of fire service over an extended period of time.                      
  • Continuous professionalism, as indicated by superiors and performance evaluations, or who has, in a specific instance, performed his/her duties in a particularly admirable manner.
  • Developed a program, process or equipment that positively affects the Fire Service.
  • Currently serves as the President or Chairperson of a Montana-based fire-related Association that is recognized by the Montana Fire Service.

DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT: The Distinguished Conduct Award may be awarded to any member of the fire service who has acted with professionalism and efficiency when faced with a specific danger or adversity and who has carried out his/her duties properly despite this danger/adversity. The action for which this award is given shall be considered exceptional by other emergency responders. 

UNIT CITATION: The Unit Citation may be given to two or more individuals, functioning as a group, who have worked together toward a common goal. The citation may be awarded for a specific performance of exceptional quality or for continued, professional performance and dedication to duty by the unit as a whole. 

CITIZEN LIFE SAVING: A citizen’s award is to recognize citizens, businesses, and other groups for efforts that result in saving another’s life, benefiting the Fire Service, or other honorary action. 

PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD: The Public Service Award may be awarded to an individual who has unselfishly given to the fire service, above and beyond the call of their elected office. This individual will have distinguished his/her self through public service, promoting fire and life safety in the state of Montana. 

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: The Lifetime Achievement Award may be given to an individual who has distinguished his/her self with a lifetime of public fire service. A recipient of this award will have contributed no less than 10 years of service promoting fire and life safety. 

2021 Nomination Packet

Contact any of the current Directors or our business office at406-625-7050 or [email protected] to submit a nomination or for additional information.